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ACC Early College Start (ECS)

The State has mandated that beginning fall 2013, all students who are college ready in reading and writing be eligible for ENGL 1301. Students are only required to pass the Reading and Writing section on the TSI in order to be eligible for ENGL 1301.

Students can have the below scores and qualify for ENGL 1301:
· Reading and Writing EXEMPTION from TSI (i.e. TAKS, PSAT, PLAN, ACT/SAT, etc..)
The requirements are still the same for TAKS, PSAT, PLAN

NEW JUNIORS to ACC must complete the Early College Start New Student Enrollment Steps and meet the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) compliance. TSI non-complaint juniors will receive an ACC TSI waiver/ticket (valued at $29) to personally schedule and take one full or partial test at an ACC campus. Those who remain non-compliant afterwards may test again but without the fee waiver.

Steps to Complete the ACC/ECS Registration

  1. Apply to ACC
    • Go to ACC
    • Click: Apply on line– scroll down to bottom of page and click begin—(make sure you have your social security number before beginning!)The above step only gets your name in the system—it does not register you!
  2. Fill out the Residency form – Print out Residency Form and complete in ink. This form can be found on the “apply on line page” . Once completed place in your packet.
  3. Complete ACC 101 – Complete mandatory ACC 101 new student orientation. Print and place a copy in packet!
  4. College readiness will be determined by using one of the following: TAKS, SAT, ACT, or PSAT. If needed, request an Asset/Compass test fee waiver.
    • What ECS Students Need for Eligibility
    • Exit TAKS: ELA 2200 and 3 on essay; Math 2200
    • PSAT: 50 critical Reading; 50 Math Composite 107
    • SAT: 500 Critical Reading; 500 Math Composite 1070
    • ACT: 19 English; 19 Math; 23 Composite
  1. ECS form. See your alpha counselor for this form. It must be signed by you, RRHS counselor, parent, and the Lead Counselor. You will then take this completed form to Austin Community College for advising. This must be repeated each semester you take classes through ACC.
  2. Meet for ACC Advising – Meet with an ECS Representative during a pre-arranged advising session at RRHS or Meet with ACC Advisor on any ACC Campus. You MUST have all above materials before meeting!
  3. Register online Print the “Registration Results” and keep for verification

Contacts forSuccess High School: Sandra Dorn 512-704-1322

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